A collection of some solo Americana songs released on iTunes by the French soundtrack label, Super Pitch. You read that right. An Englishman makes an Americana album for a French label.

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BLAZE OF GLORY is a set of ten songs produced by none other than Enemies guitarist, Riley McMahon, and commissioned and curated by future Parisian media moguls, Gregoire and Thomas Couzinier. The Couzinier's main goal is to find placements for the songs in film and television. They've already had success. The title track was featured in a French television commercial for the charity, Fondation de France.

Primarily acoustic and full of harmonies, this not your typical Spottiswoode record. Still, it runs through a classic jumble of emotions: heartbreak, insanity, even some uncharacteristic moments of optimism.

Many of the songs are old ditties Spott had hidden away in the basement. Some are more recent. The extraordinary chanteuse and former Enemies backing vocalist, Jennifer Middaugh, joins for the country duet, Off The Merry-Go-Round. She then contrives to sing the closing track on her own.

The songs were tracked one day at a time. First Spottiswoode laid down acoustic guitar, then Riley played everything else: banjo, electric and acoustic guitars, bass, keyboards, lap steel, glockenspiel, whatever the track required.