“This is our folksy acoustic spiritual Americana record,” says Spottiswoode. “With a little bit of soul and retro rock’n’roll thrown in. Songs about children, parents and the weather… that kind of thing.”

Thanks to THE LEDGE, Matthew Chapman's film starring Liv Tyler, Charlie Hunnam and Terrence Howard, SALVATION remains an on-line favorite. The film features three tracks from the record including the ballad Thank You as the closing credits number.

The record boasts Spottiswoode on plenty of acoustic guitar, Riley McMahon’s folksy mandolin and banjo, Tony Lauria’s fiercely romantic piano playing, John Young and Tim Vaill's trademark rhythmic foundation - alternately transparent, melodic and explosive - and, once again, Candace De Bartolo and Kevin Cordt's majestic horn arrangements with added folksiness supplied via clarinet, fiddle and plenty of backing vocals.

Hearkening back to the band’s much acclaimed BUILDING A ROAD (High Wire Music, 2005), several songs include a folk gospel chorus featuring Martha Redbone, Alexis England and Renee Cologne.

Like all Enemies records, Salvation isn’t simply a collection of songs. It's a journey. “Building A Road was a voyage to redemption; That’s What I Like a manic Mediterranean odyssey,” says Spottiswoode. “Salvation is a simple quest for release.”

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