The band’s Independent Music Award-winning 5th record is their most shamelessly eclectic collection since their very first eponymous release over a decade before. A mad scramble of songs that mirrors the madness of life on the road.

“It’s our Magical Mystery Tour,” says Spottiswoode. “As a bandleader, I often feel like a general leading his troops on one doomed tour after another. This is a surreal trip through a warring world.”

Chariot, a piano-driven anti-war ballad, earned the Independent Music Award for Best Adult Contemporary Song of 2012. The awards jury included Tom Waits, Kathleen Brennan, Suzanne Vega and Keith Richards. The entire album earned a Vox Populi Independent Music Award for Best Eclectic Record of that year. The record also garnered a plethora of rave reviews and was included in numerous "Best Of The Year" lists.

In part an homage to the Beatles, the album’s remarkable artwork by renowned English painter, Alexander Gorlizki, reflects the retro psychedelic spirit in which the music was made.

Produced for Old Soul Records by Kenny Siegal (Chris Whitley, Larkin Grimm, Joseph Arthur), the adventure begins with the anthemic Beautiful Monday, but it gradually becomes darker and stranger.  The band, in top form, careens from balls-out rock, novelty blues and haunting balladry to acerbic sometimes tongue-in-cheek social commentary as in the high-octane lament, All Gone Wrong.  The journey ends with the epic You Won’t Forget Your Dream featuring a haunting solo from trumpeter Kevin Cordt followed by a tour-de-force response from Tony Lauria on piano.

The record also shows off the incredible versatility of lead guitarist, Riley McMahon; soulful and savage saxophone and singing from Candace DeBartolo; and the rock tight rhythm section of John Young on bass and Konrad Meissner (subbing in for Tim Vaill who has since returned to the band) on drums and percussion.

Most recently, the anti-nostagic rocker All In The Past has been featured as the appropriately dark closing track of the final episode of the Netflix dramatic series, BLOODLINE, starring Kyle Chandler, Sissy Spacek, Chloe Sevigny and Sam Shepard.

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