Looks like I’ll be crossing the channel a few times this year. Just in time for Brexit. Typical.

Very much hoping the country doesn’t sail off a cliff edge on March 28th and leave me stranded at Gatwick. I’m hoping to fly the next day to Florence for my Italian debut. A show at Teatro del Sale in Florence on March 30th and at the Ospedali in Musica in Livorno on March 31st. Many thanks to Giulia Nuti for the invitation and the arrangements!

And then a series of double bills with one of my favorite writers and performers, Kenny White. The NYC-based singer-songwriter-piano-virtuoso will join me on Easter Sunday at the Green Note Main Stage in Camden and also for three shows in Copenhagen at the very end of April.

More gigs planned for Germany in July, a return to Denmark in September, perhaps even a tour in Norway (birthplace of my grandpa) in the autumn. I’m truly a citizen of nowhere. Does that mean I don’t have to pay taxes?

Oh dear. I’ve turned into one of my Mummy’s Strange Friends