It’s always a shot in the arm to get an Independent Music Award nomination. This year the band’s got three!

Best Adult Contemporary Album of 2018 (LOST IN THE CITY)
Best Acoustic Song of 2018 (I DON’t REGRET)
Best Producer of an Eclectic Record in 2018 (RILEY McMAHON for producing LOST IN THE CTY)

Congrats to all my Enemies, particularly Enemy #5 big daddy producer Riley McMahon! And major thanks to all our remarkably generous patrons who made the record possible. The winners will be announced in June.

To vote for I DON’T REGRET in the Acoustic Song Category register with the Independent Music Awards, then find the category and vote. Please do! You can hear the song HERE.

In other news, Scandinavia’s on my mind. Not only will I be returning to Denmark in late April for three shows with Kenny White. In June I’ll also be debuting in Norway, birthplace of my mother’s father and all of her grandparents. It looks like a trio of shows in the Bergen area in the middle of the month.

This follows my Italian debut at the end of March. Huge thanks to Giulia Nuti for pulling out all the stops and booking me two lovely concerts in Florence and Livorno. She even accompanied on viola! Teatro Del Sale in Florence is a gorgeous and unpretentious restaurant and theatre. I’ve never played a show like it before. First, eight courses of delicious food called out from the kitchen and served buffet style, then the tables are cleared and moved, chairs are set out, everyone faces the stage and the concert starts. My dramatic opening song was somewhat ruined as a consequence of my putting the wrong harmonica in the holder but I’m still hoping the generous Florentines thought I was being avant-garde. After that I settled down and started to make various crying noises otherwise known as the blues.

The following day’s concert in Livorno was in an inner sanctum of an empty hospital. Upon arrival I was terrified of the remarkably echoing acoustics but it turned out to be my favorite part of the show - an organic vocal effects pedal. The elderly audience seemed suitable impressed. I was asked to reprise my opening song as the encore. Who knew that the two chord Blaze Of Glory would go down so well in Europe? First Denmark, now Italy. My anthro-musicological research will continue…